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Patriot Contract Services LLC attended NDTA - USTRANSCOM Conference 2021

Patriot Contract Services, LLC. CEO Ryan Libhart Pereyda and President Lance Bardo attended the NDTA – USTRANSCOM Conference in Washington D.C. October 18th -21st.

The meeting connected government, military, and the private sector stakeholders together in one place, with more than 230 corporate members and 5,500+ individual members. This year’s theme was “Resilient & Reliable Logistics… Agile and Adaptable”, focusing on the challenges associated with operating in contested and pandemic environments spanning all domains and geographic locations.

Picture 1: US Marine Gen Mattis (Rt.d), US Airforce General Charles (Chief of Air Staff) and US Army General Stephen R. Lyons

Picture 2: U.S. Transportation Command, relinquishes command to Gen. Jacqueline Van Ovost

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