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Patriot Receives CSA Environmental Excellence Award Again!

Patriot Contract Services has been awarded the Environmental Achievement Award by the Chamber of Shipping of America. Each of the nine ships which comprised the “forty-six years of environmental excellence” will be receiving their awards separately as well.

To be eligible for the award, a vessel must have at least a two-year period of the following:

- No reportable spills

- No U.S. Coast Guard citations for violations of MARPOL

- No port state citations for violations of MARPOL

- No violations of state/local pollution regulations

The award is presented to ships which have a minimum of two consecutive years with exemplary environmental records. Since only those ships managed by PCS for at least two years are considered—we are looking toward having all of our fleet included in a year and a half!

USNS Gilliland 4 years

USNS Gordon 4 years

USNS Shughart 4 years

USNS Yano 2 years

USNS Martin 4 years

USNS Waters 4 years

M/V Cape Orlando 9 years

M/V Cape Henry 6 years

GTS Adm. Callaghan 9 years

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