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USNS Sisler Joins Patriot Fleet

PCS has assumed management of the first of eight WATSON class vessel awarded it by MSC.

USNS Sisler in Charleston, S.C. USS Yorktown in the background

The turnover of USNS Sisler (T-AKR 311) to Patriot Contract Services, LLC management took place at 2 pm local time, April 21, 2014. (1 a.m. PDT). This is the first of the Watson Class LMSR’s (Large Medium-Speed Roll-on/roll-off vessels) to join the Patriot fleet, which now numbers 11 ships. The remaining seven Watson class vessels will be turned over to Patriot during the next six weeks.

Among the officers onboard are Captain Robert Reish, Chief Engineer Kenneth Marcinak, Chief Mate James Zatwarnicki, First Assistant Engineer Kevin Wright, Electronics Officer Mark Jensen, and Storekeeper Luis Burgos. They are serving along with 24 other officers and crew on the Sisler, one of the gas-turbine powered group of 8 Watson Class ships.

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