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The following areas have been the subject of some confusion in the past.  We wish to clarify that Vendors must comply with the following terms and conditions: 

1.  Invoices:  To be paid, Vendor must have current, accurate and complete vendor information on file with Patriot Contract Services, LLC (PCS).  All invoices must be submitted promptly, not later than fifteen (15) business days from the completion of the Services rendered and/or Goods delivered.  All invoices must be submitted with the correct Purchase Order number referenced on the invoice.  PCS shall not be required to pay partial invoices or make advance payments unless doing so is agreed upon in advance and that agreement is stated on the Purchase Order.  Normal payment terms are Net 30 days after receipt of proper invoice by the designated office identified in Block 16 of the Order for Supplies and Services.  The invoice for services must show start and completion dates, the general statement of work performed and parts provided.  A Receipt Confirmation must accompany the invoice in order for payment to be made.  For Services, the Receipt Confirmation must be signed by the Port Engineer; for Goods, the Receipt Confirmation must be signed by the Port Engineer, Storekeeper, Captain, Chief Engineer, Chief Mate or Chief Steward.  Any invoice received without this Receipt Confirmation will be returned.  Vendor’s invoices shall indicate insurance, delivery or transportation charges and taxes, if any, separately from the purchase price of the Goods at the place of origin.


2.    Tax-Exempt Status:  MarAd vessels are not tax-exempt.


3.    Purchase Orders:  PCS’ purchase order is entitled “Order for Supplies and Services.”  Every purchase order is unique and the vendor should read the scope of work carefully.  Any questions concerning the issued purchase order should be directed to the PCS Purchasing Agent who issued the purchase order.  If work performed during the course of a repair will exceed the scope of work stated on the purchase order, the vendor must submit a written Condition Report to the Port Engineer and obtain an updated purchase order signed by PCS prior to proceeding with that additional work; payment will not be due until thirty (30) days after receipt of the new invoice.  If the purchase order is not updated prior to that additional work being performed, PCS shall have no obligation to pay for the additional work.  Only an authorized PCS Purchasing Agent can commit funds.  DO NOT accept a verbal authorization from the Port Engineer or from Vessel personnel.


4.    Notice to the Government:  Please be advised that PCS is now required to notify the Government of any vendor whose invoicing causes delays when closing out a task order or funding a document.

IMPORTANT:  The terms listed above are only some of the terms and conditions applicable to the sale of good or services to PCS.  The complete set of terms and conditions is contained in PCS’ Terms and Conditions Governing Orders for Supplies and Services. 

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