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The below sample resume is a blend of shipboard and shore experience, and is also a blend of mate/engineer jobs.


Any data that is in italics in the sample is for reference or instruction only, and should be deleted by the writer.


You can insert your own experience by overwriting the data in the sample resume.


Your experiences should be listed in chronological order, with the most recent experience listed first in both the Government category and in the “Other Experience” category.


Please do not change any formatting, such as tabs, bold, etc.


Try to keep your resume to two, maybe three max pages.


Your contact information (the information requested on the last page in the sample) should be on a separate page


When completed, delete these instructions.


Forward your completed resume in Microsoft Word (.doc) or text (.txt) format.


Include a copy of your license.  Make sure that it is readable and clear.  An Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file is preferred, but we can work with .tif, .jpg, or .bmp files if necessary. 


Shipboard Senior Officer Resume Template: 


Name:                   James P. Seaman


Proposed Title:    LEAVE BLANK                              Program:   USNS HAYES/WATERS

Employer:            Patriot Contract Services, LLC          Level of Participation:  100%


License:          Master of Steam & Motor Vessels, Any Gross Tons Upon Oceans; Issue 8


Education and Training: (List all STCW/MSC/MARAD required courses, and any other courses attended.  Only list the most current version of any course taken)


1977         United States Merchant Marine Academy, B.S. in Marine Engineering

1999         Small Arms Training, MSC, Little Creek, Va.

1999         Force Protection Officer, MSC Training Ctr, Freehold, NJ

1999         Damage Control, MITAGS, Linthicum, Md.

1999         Helicopter Fire Fighting, MSC Training Ctr., Freehold, N.J.

1999         Crane & Ramp Training, McGregor, USNS SEAY, NOLA

1999         Water Sanitation Afloat, US Navy, Norfolk, Va.

2001         Small Arms Training, MITAGS, Linthicum Hgts. Md.

2001         Damage Control Training, TRL, USNS SEAY

2002         Trims Training, US Navy, Norfolk, Va.

2002         Small Arms Training, MPSRON THREE, Satahip, Thailand

2002         Shipboard Security Tactics for Mariners, USNS SEAY

2004         MSC Strategic Communications, MITAGS

2004         MSC Shipboard Damage Control, MITAGS

2004         MSC Anti-Terrorism Officer, MSC Training Ctr, Freehold, NJ

2004         Small Arms Training, MSC Norfolk, Va.


Government Vessel Experience (Mates list tonnage, Engineers list propulsion type)


Patriot Contract Services, LLC

2002-2005       Master,                     USNS BOB HOPE              LMSR, 67,000 Tons

2000-2002       Chief Engineer         USNS SEAY                       LMSR, Medium Speed Diesel

1999-2000       First Asst Eng          GTV CALLAGHAN          RORO, Gas Turbine

1998-1999       Second Asst Eng      USNS WATERS                 Spec. Mission, Diesel-Elect


Hudson Waterways Co

1978-1979       3rd Mate,                   USNS MAUMEE                Oiler, 32,950 Tons

etc., etc.


Patriot Contract Services, LLC  (Use this type of entry for shore positions)


1979-2000       LMSR Port Engineer 


Managed all day to day evolutions concerning the operation, maintenance and repair of two 65,000 HP LMSR public vessels  owned by the Military Sealift Command and operating under a high operational tempo in support of US armed forces.  Wrote specifications for and managed major dry docking availabilities for both vessels.  Maintained vessel regulatory compliance with USCG and ABS.  Negotiated and administered hundreds of vessel maintenance and repair contracts to ensure continuous support thereby establishing uninterrupted reliable operation of both vessels.  Successfully initiated, scoped, scheduled and implemented both major and routine maintenance projects totaling approximately $24M over a period of four and a half years.


Other Significant Experience:


Any Shipping Company, LLC


1978-1979       Director of Labor Relations   


Managed all day to day….short narrative of job responsibilities and major accomplishments – see Port Engineer narrative above.


Central Gulf

1977-1978       1st Asst. Engineer     SS GREEN VALLEY         LASH, Steam Turbine


Hanseatic Shipping

1976-1977       Chief Mate               MV SEALAND RACER    Container, XX Tons

1975-1976       2nd Asst Engineer     MV SEALAND VALUE    Container, Slow Speed Diesel

etc. etc.


Professional Societies/Associations:

International Organization of Masters Mates and Pilots Offshore Division

American Society of Naval Engineers

Society of Marine Architects and Naval Engineers

National Contract Managers Association

Etc, etc.


Professional References: (At least 3 professional references, include Title and contact phone number, must be non-Patriot, i.e., current or previous supervisors, managers, employers, etc.)


Capt. A. B. Sea                       Master, Any company                         (757) 123-4567


Mr. I. Ben Sailin                     Fleet Manager, Any Company           (555) 212-2022


Etc, etc.


Please provide your current contact information and anticipated on/off schedule for the next three months:


Mailing/Fedex Address:      


Current Home and/or Cell Phone Number:         


E-mail Address:


Shipboard E-mail Address:


Upcoming Schedule:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where will the ships be located?

A: The Watson Class LMSR’s are located in Saipan, Korea, and Diego Garcia.

The MARAD ships are located in Beaumont, TX and Alameda, CA.



Q: How will personnel be selected?

A: For all vessels, Senior Officers (Master, Chief Mate, Chief Engineer, and First Engineer), the Electronics Officer, and some junior officers will be selected from the membership of Patriot’s contracted unions by Patriot’s Human Resources Committee (HRC). The HRC will review all resumes sent to Other junior officers, and unlicensed crewmembers, will typically be dispatched in accordance with their unions’ rotary shipping procedures.


Q: Where can I send my application for employment or resume?

A: Our preferred method of receiving applications and resume data is through our Resume Data Sheet, which is on our website, see You can download that form and fill it in manually, or complete it electronically and submit it to us at If you already have a resume prepared, you may send that to us at, but we ask that you check your resume before submission to be sure it includes all of the information listed on the Resume Data Sheet.


Q: What are the training requirements?

A: The training requirements, by billet, very per contract.  Union schools provide the required training.


Q: How can I get the required training?

A: You should contact your respective unions to arrange training.


Q: If I already sent my resume to you, do I still need to fill out the one online?

A: We recommend updated resumes as interest, availability and qualifications do change over time.


Q: Do I need a security clearance?

A: The following positions require security clearances: Master; Chief Mate; Chief Engineer; First Engineer, and Electronics Officer (for vessels having an Electronic Officer) and junior officers.  Storekeepers and Chief Stewards will also require security clearances in order to access MSC systems.  Once vetted or determined to have all requirements for a position, or pending job posting, Patriot may pursue application for security clearance.  Obtain a security clearance, with a clear background can take up to 6 weeks.


Q: What are the wages and benefits for these jobs?

A: We ask that you contact your union for that information

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